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The benefits of online poker rakeback

Rake is a term used in the world of poker to define the fee that online card rooms and poker platforms apply to the pot of a hand, in order for the websites to be able to cover operational costs, pay overheads and make some profit. The rake is the only revenue source that online poker rooms have, as the game is player versus player and the money just pass around them. Rakeback defines the fraction of the rake that players get back from the poker rooms, platforms and their affiliates,a s an incentive to keep playing at the same tables. The poker rakeback promotion was introduced in 2004 in an attempt to drive higher volumes of players towards a certain website or poker room. However it was initiated, the concept became very popular and players are always considering it before signing up with a room or another, or at least they should. Online poker has become increasingly popular and, while it may start out as a fun hobby, it usually very quickly turns into a regular activity, which is why conducting a thorough research on where to play and what are the benefits of such a return is very important.

Looking for the best rakeback however is not as simple as it seems, though the benefits can be pretty great. It's not a greatly complicated process either, but it requires some knowledge about the concept and some time to search the best deal. Before heading out, it may be lucrative to know that there is a series of factors influencing the fraction of rake that you get back, such as the type of game you are playing, fixed limit or no limit, short-handed games or full ring games, the way the online rakeback is calculated, as there are two methods to do so, the dealt method and the contributed one, as well as how many tables you are playing at, the steaks of the tables and how regular are you playing, meaning how many hours per day.

Many players who seek for the best poker rakeback resort to the services of dedicated websites and affiliates, which present them with the best deals and offers, sectioned off by poker rooms or platforms and grant them the opportunity of tracking the return rate daily. However, in this search for the most profitable deal, a player should not only factor in all of the above aspects, but also make a clear distinction between regular rake returns and internal programs. For instance, the OnGame rakeback offers are a good example of the first category, also being among the most sought after deals, as the platform is extensive and includes several good poker rooms like Betfair Poker or Betsafe. However, the PokerStars rakeback is not actually that, but more of an internal program, called the PokerStars VIP club, which in the end has the same result, of giving cash back to the players, but it doesn't allow third parties or affiliates and it has a slightly different presentation.

All things considered, there are many advantages of finding a good deal on rake returns, as you can significantly increase your profits, if you are a regular player and an active one, which means you get involved in many pots and play a lot of hands, thus paying a lot of money in rake. You just need to find the best affiliates deals and the offers that best suit your player behavior, as well as the type of game you usually play, in order to make sure you get as much money back as possible.